July 23, 1999 to April 22, 2005


Sassy was a singleton puppy, so she was spoiled rotten.  I had raised her from  a bottle as her momma didn't have enough milk.  She had the most exuberate energy about her.  My mother had nicknamed her Miss Boing Boing, but she was most fondly known as "The Butterbutt"  The good Lord had forgotten to give her long legs, so she was just my fat ole house dog, but she had the sweetest temperament and knew no stranger away from the house.  However, she was my gatekeeper and kept me safe from harm.  I lost lil baby to bloat in the early morning hours of April 22, 2005.  It is a shame, I couldn't even take her to my regular vet because they all close up now and force you to drive an hour to the nearest emergency vet.  Godspeed my baby, until we meet again.


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Sassy's Sire - BISS AKC Ch Dynasty Black To The Future

Here is how Sassy puts up with the summer heat!

My other passion is watching 
NASCAR and rooting for the Earnhardts.