September 6, 1982 to January 22, 1996


Jazzy was my very first chow.   I picked her out of the litter at only four days old.  I couldn't wait for her to go home with me.  I became friends with her breeders and went to play with her every day. 

Unfortunately, I was very young and finances were such, my fiancÚ decided it would be best if we sold my beloved "Jazzy" to Ellie Quillin.  I was heartbroken.  We were to be married in a month and he felt we could not afford her.  Unfortunately, two weeks later, he postponed our wedding.  When Ellie called me eight months later asking if I wanted her back, I immediately said, "YES!" and dumped the fiancÚ.

I shared Jazzy with my parents until she was ten years old and she lived full-time with me until it was her time to cross over the bridge at 13 1/2 years old.  She has left a void in my heart no other chow can completely fill.  However, every so often, my present chows show characteristics similar to my Jazzy.  I have to wonder if it is her way of reaching across the Rainbow Bridge to let me know she is watching over me.