November 22, 1997 - March 15, 2007

Elvis in the Veteran's Ring at Mt Hood Chow Chow Club
January 18, 2007
Judge:  Susan Plouff





Elvis was my boomerang.  After retiring him from showing at “his request,” I placed him into a companion home at three years old.  After six years with his new family, unfortunately due to divorce, Elvis came back home to live with me.   He loved being home with his big sis Garnet and having two new buddies with Willie and Emily.  He would play games with his paws and slap at me all the time saying, “PLAY WITH ME MOM!”  He went to the Mt Hood Specialty and had a ball strutting his stuff in the Veteran's Class.  Too bad he didn’t have that much fun showing as a young dog.

Unfortunately, his time here was short.  My precious Elvis was only home for six months and left me peacefully one night.  He had a silent killer that gives no symptoms until it is too late.  He had Splenic Cancer and his spleen ruptured.  Now he is at peace and is with his momma, brother and sister waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge.  God Speed my baby, give Demi, Duncan and Sassy hugs and kisses for me.

Elvis came from very old bloodlines.  He has Eng Ch Taibel Texas Tiger Of Ukwong, Eng Ch Ukwong King Solomon and Am Ch Don-Lee's Prophet, ROM in a five generation pedigree.