September 6, 1996 to February 11, 2003



I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, Immortal Prince of the Universe. My namesake comes from a great warrior. I was given his name, because I was born the weekend of the Highlander Festival in my township. 

"My existence relies on winning to survive." 

I won two Best of Breeds at only seven months old.  I took my first major at only eight months old, the day following a regional specialty.  At two years old, I was given a Group 3rd Bred-By under respected Breeder/Judge, Paul Odenkirchen.

At 3 1/2 years old, the hunt is over and the heads have rolled.  Duncan is now an American Champion too.  What a sweet deal it was......Winner's Dog, Best Of Winners, Best Of Breed and Best Bred-By Exhibitor.  The armband number was "9,' it surely was cloud nine.




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I would like to thank Mike Cox & Company for expertly handling Duncan during the 1999 show circuit.  My health prevented me from giving his beautiful movement the justice it deserved.

Why would such a beautiful creature have to suffer so many days of his short, but loving life? 

Tanglaís Duncan MacLeod was born on September 9, 1996 around 8pm at night.  His breathing was sporadic; therefore my sister and I worked for nearly an hour giving him mouth to snout to regulate his breathing. 

He spent most of his youth with an eating disorder whereas he would choke after eating; requiring the Heimlich maneuver to be performed after nearly every meal.  Thank goodness this 65 lb dog out grew it eventually.  

Although his eyes were clear of entropion, at a year and a half, he suffered from a corneal edema and was under a specialistís care. 

At three and a half years old, Duncan developed a severe infection in his left elbow.  While doing the testing and x-rays, it was discovered he also had elbow dysplasia.  My heart sank.  All I could think of was what next.  Sadly, his hips came back dysplastic as well.  Throughout the next few years, Duncan continued to have several bouts with the elbow infections, requiring high doses of Cephlexin for six-week periods to cure the infections. 

I would have never guessed Duncanís hips were dysplastic; he had the most beautiful stilted gait.  He took his first AKC point at seven months old and went Best of Breed that day.  He finished his AKC championship going Best of Breed as well as Best Bred-By Exhibitor.  He also took a Group Third, Bred-By under the respected Paul Odenkirchen.  His International Championship was earned with Michael Cox on the lead, taking a Group Third along the way. 

But then at just a lil over six years old, the final blow came to the loving beauty.  The first signs were swollen ankles and scrotum.  At first, cancer was considered, so we neutered him.  The testicles were fine.  So then we looked further and discovered his kidneys were failing.  We put him on a special food and I knew his time was short.  Unfortunately, the etogesic that he had been given during times of the elbow infections had ruined his kidneys. 

Here is the biggest surprise though, the morning of February 11, 2003, around 11am, I found my poor Duncan, as big as a beach ball.  I knew immediately what it was.  I would have never guessed this poor baby who had suffered so much would eventually be taken by bloat.  I had the vet put him out of his misery and he now can romp and play on the rainbow bridge where he waits for us to meet once again. 

Godspeed my baby, until we meet again.

February 11, 2003