January 22, 1995 to January 14, 2004


These two pictures were taken only a few days
before I lost my sweet love.  She loved playing
in all the snow.  She would roll and roll and then
come into the house and shake snow everywhere!



I knew Demi was going to be special from the first time I saw her. She was just this little nine weeks old bundle of fluff. Shortly before I saw her, I was listening to the radio and heard the Brooks and Dunn song, "Rock My World" on the radio. As I listened to the lyrics, "..Denim 'N Pearls," I decided what a cute name for a dog. I decided "Demi" for short. A few days later, I went to see her. She was sitting in the dining room, looking out the sliding glass door at her buddies out in the yard. As I sat across the room from her, I called out, "Demi." She spun around, wagged her tail and came bouncing over to me as if to say, "You called?" She was mine completely from that moment on.

Demi was exclusively Owner/Handled to all three of her titles. She was an American and IABCA-International Champion as well as, gaining her Canine Good Citizenship certification. At only three months old, she attained a Group One-IABCA International. She was also been seen in the ring as a Brace Team with her son, Am. & Intl. Ch Tangla's Duncan MacLeod attaining two BISS-AKC, a Group 1st and Group 3rd along with three BIS-IABCA.

Demi's absence has left a huge void in my heart and in my home.  She was my first AKC champion and my foundation bitch. 




Demi was my gatekeeper.  Her favorite thing was watching the world go by in her favorite place in the yard at the front gates.

Demi's First Win
IABCA - Group One
Four Months Old

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