November 22, 1997 to June 25, 2013


Diana's 15th Birthday Party
November 22, 2012



In Hungary 2010

Diana was my toy dog.  She loved to play with toys and loved to fetch.  She would stand in the kitchen doorway for hours playing fetch with herself.   She earned the nickname, "Boogie" at the 1998 Nationals as she loved to boogie on down the hallways!  Diana was mother to Tangla's Supernatural, "Carlos."  She lived with me until she was four.

Diana was quite the world traveler.  She started in the good ole USA, then to Canada and she lived her later years in Hungary!  She was faithful companion to her best buddy, Eniko.  Diana lived to be fifteen & a half!

Diana came from very old bloodlines.  She had Eng Ch Taibel Texas Tiger Of Ukwong, Eng Ch Ukwong King Solomon and Am Ch Don-Lee's Prophet, ROM in a five generation pedigree.


In Canada 2003

In Canada 2002

In Washington 1999

Kenya & Diana

Diana loved to sleep belly up!